Property Manager MA: Commission Costs

Property Manager MA

Property Manager MA: Commission Costs 

You don’t have to pay through the nose for a real estate commission on a home sale. The good thing is that commission fees are negotiable. The way it works is that the seller pays the commission to the realtor when the home sells. That is the reward for the realtor who works hard to make the sale happen. This commission is paid to both the realtor from the seller’s side and the buyer’s side.

You can Negotiate

Fortunately, you can use leverage to lower the price of the commission. It doesn’t mean you have to pay through the nose to get it all done. These days a number of buyers and sellers have been receiving discounts so it’s not all that bad. Due to commission from bigger brokerages, agents have lowered their fees. They have such low fees that realtors have to keep their prices low in order to compete. Some of these services will even throw in freebies such as giving them premium listings, getting professional photos taken, adding the floor plan as well as setting up a panoramic view for potential buyers. Not only that but they will set you up with a good agent to help walk you through the sale.

Property Manager MA: Commission Saving Tips 

Here is a good way of saving money on commission when you hire a realtor. Be upfront and let them know what you are looking for. Ask them for their fees and then negotiate your way to an agreement. Have the conversation before you sign the contract, otherwise it will be very awkward. You also need to get a clear picture of what the process will entail but do add an escape clause in case it doesn’t go according to your expectations.

If your realtor is open to negotiation, then that is good news for you. Some can tend not to be flexible about it. If someone is showing signs of aggression, then you should not go for it as the sale will not go as you want. There can be some who will charge lower fees but then you will probably not get the quality you want. Beware of those who promise lower rates, but will tack on hidden charges. A smart one will make sure that everything is covered before the contract is signed. Don’t ever sign up for a bargain offer where there are no professional photos to help sell the house. That will definitely not get you the price you want.

Lastly you need to give the buyer’s agent a good rate so that the sale goes through. If the commission is not good enough, you can be assured you won’t get the right price. Also make sure you check with other agents and see if you can get the right price you are looking for.

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