Property Manager MA: Fall Maintenance

Property Manager MA

Property Manager MA: Fall Maintenance 

Winter is not so far and this means you will have to take down all your long coats and sweaters. It also means that you will be spending a lot of time warming yourself up and having hot beverages. Before you get too comfortable you know that you have to do some maintenance at home so you can get ready for the winter. This is a usual task after the end of every season.  The good thing is that it helps your home function properly and you will save a lot of money in the long run.

Backyard, Roof and gutters

Start raking your backyard so that you can get rid of all the leaves which fall. Not only do leaves make a backyard look unkempt but it can also ruin the grass. So grab the rake and start raking all the leaves and then dispose of them. You can follow that up by looking at the gutters and clean them. They are usually full of leaves and other gunk. Once you get clear everything, you know that it will not hold any rainwater which can ruin the roofing of your home.

Go to your roof and see if the tiling is in place. At least if you go now, you won’t have to worry about it in winter when it will be tougher for you to check.

Check for gaps and cracks and go for a home inspection

When you inspect your home from outside, you will be able to see the damage to the pathways. If there is any damage, you could be liable if someone gets hurt. So keep an eagle eye and resolve all problems before they happen.  This is also the best time get rid of all cracks. A stitch in time means you save yourself from a lawsuit. While you are indoors, check to see if there is any draft when you close the windows and doors. Get that putty and close all the cracks so you save on the heating bill.

Property Manager MA: Storage

Store all your outdoor furniture in the shed or in a safe place so that it won’t get damaged. Due to the frost and extreme weather, it will lose its sheen. If you can’t place it in a shed, then cover it with a cloth or at least a plastic tarp so that it won’t get damaged.

Rest of the home

Clean the heating system and change all filters. Insulate all your pipes so you don’t have to worry about burst pipes. Clean your dryer properly so that there are no lint issues. Lastly don’t forget to test all your safety devices at home.

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