Property Manager MA: Managing Thanksgiving with Grandparents

Property Manager MA

Property Manager MA: Managing Thanksgiving with Grandparents

Thanksgiving is around the corner and this is the time when the grandparents will be expecting the family to visit. It can be quite a challenge for them to prepare a meal when everyone is out there to visit. It can add to a bit of stress as there will be meal preparation etc. You can do your bit to make it easier for them when you are in town.


For starters you should ask them what they want for the holiday. It is good to know what their vision is for the Thanksgiving holiday so that you can be prepared to do what she needs.  Once you have an idea of what is to be expected, you can give your family a list of tasks to do on each day. That way your family can do their best to pitch in or move out of the way of the grandparents. It can also be a primer on how to avoid hurt and misunderstandings. Sometimes it’s not tough if you prep your family and go over everything. When you let them know what you expect from them, it will be less stressful for everyone. This way there won’t be any tension during the dinner.

Another way to make things easier is to come early and not be a last minute guest. So arrive early and help them out with the cleaning. This way they won’t be so overwhelmed with all the work. When you come early you can help clean the guest rooms, add new sheets and put out fresh towels. Perhaps you can bring your own linen, so that the task is much easier. You can also help with the laundry so there is not much of a burden.

Property Manager MA: Pitch in

When dinner is being prepared, pitch in yourself instead of offering help. Go out for groceries after asking for the list. Take contributions from the rest of the family so that they can pitch in for the cost of the groceries. It doesn’t matter where you are coming from as long as you plan everything in advance. Give a hand in the kitchen and help prepare all the items so that everything goes smoothly. Cooking is a great time to bond and there also won’t be any more resentment.

Once you know it is time to leave, you should have done everything to make the task easier. Start cleaning the place up a day before you leave. So take out the trash, clean all surfaces and tidy everything. This way it won’t be cumbersome for the grandparents to do everything. When there are more people, everyone can split chores and finish it much faster.

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