Property Manager MA: Protecting your home from Mold and Termites

Property Manager MA

Property Manager MA: Protecting your home from Mold and Termites

It sucks when your home is infested by mold and termites. They are quite tough to get rid of and require the expertise of a professional. Not only will the cost go up but you have to deal with a major headache. Even if you have home insurance there may be the possibility that you may not be adequately protected.


Mold is a silent killer and is something you definitely don’t need at home. Despite how well you maintain your home, there is a chance that a bit of mold will come in. It also spreads and grows really fast if you don’t take any action. They can also affect your health and this is why it needs to be tackled without any delay.

It costs a lot of money to get rid of mold and repair the damage so that is why homeowners need home insurance to help them out. Do remember that Mold only occurs if there is a lot of moisture in the air. So this means that damp and humid areas in your home are more at risk. They enter through open windows and doors. In the event that the mold is because of a leaky roof, then the following damage will be covered by the home insurance policy.

A lot of insurance policies exclude mold because it can be quite costly for them. They also won’t cover any mold which is the fault of the owner (maintenance issues, water leaks or owner’s failure to ventilate rooms).

Mold resulting from floods is also not covered. You would need a separate flood policy to get that covered. Fret not as you can get your insurance company to see if they can offer you an add-on protection.


Termites are also a huge problem for homeowners as they can eat your home away and you won’t even know it. So it helps to get your home checked once in a while so that you know that they are not destroying the structural integrity of your home. They are also not covered by standard home insurance policies.

You can also come up with ways to protect your home from termites. Try and make sure that a professional checks your home annually so that you save yourself from expensive insurance premiums.

Bed bugs and rodents can be another problem as they can ruin your home for you. The best way to avoid this is to maintain your home regularly and conduct maintenance checks.

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