Property Manager MA: Selling a home to Baby Boomers

Property Manager MA

 Property Manager MA: Selling a home to Baby Boomers

There was a time when Baby boomers were an important part of our daily buzzwords. They were replaced by Generation X, Y and now millennials. The baby boomers are getting quite old as they were born between 1946 and 1964. There are a lot of them in the united states. Estimates show that there are 76 million who are baby boomers. Since a lot of time has flown by, they are either retired or near the retirement age.

It is a well-known fact that no one likes an Empty Nest. This is why most Americans tend to downsize when they don’t need big homes. They go for homes which are easier to maintain and smaller in size. It is a better option than moving to a retirement home.


What baby boomers don’t need in space, they make up for in luxury. You can always opt for some great luxurious options by using some quality ware for your home. So go for nice wooden floors, granite counter-tops and stainless steel appliances. It helps a lot that you have a nice luxurious touch and the home looks classy. Quality means a lot and this will give your home a good edge over others.

Property Manager MA: Convenience factor

Experts are right when they say that baby boomers need homes which require less maintenance and work. When you have a home which has smart devices, a small and easy to maintain yard, energy efficient devices and an open floor plan then that will attract a lot of baby boomer buyers. Who doesn’t want a home with a lot of natural light and good space? No one wants to spend retired life taking care of things which are a pain to handle. It is a big bonus if you have a home which is only one floor as some don’t like going upstairs.

If you have a small room which can be used as a home office, then that is the best thing to do. A number of retired people like to consult on the side or at least do some work from home. So designate a room so that it has potential for a small home office.


The best way to entice baby boomers is a yard which doesn’t need much work. Of course you can’t magically have a yard which needs no maintenance as all yards do. However, you can reduce the size of the yard by adding a patio to most of it or using the whole lawn as a patio. This makes the task much easier.



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