Property Manager MA: How to terminate a contract with your Realtor

Property Manager MAProperty Manager MA: How to terminate a contract with your Realtor

It is not an easy job finding the right realtor. It’s worse when you are unable to make the relationship work as there will be some issue or the other. However, it is not an easy task terminating your current relationship. Once you sign a contract you are bound to it. There are proper ways to cut down your ties. This is what you should do when you are having issues with your current realtor.

Clear the Air

For starters, you can try and clear the air with your real estate agent so that any issues can be resolved. You can explain your concerns to see if there is room for improvement. That is a better step than terminating your contract. If you can work things out, it will be better for everyone. If not, then you can always terminate your agreement.

Fine Print

You can’t just terminate your contract like that as you will need to read the fine print. There will be a list of conditions listed which will let you terminate your agreement. It will list the scenarios which will allow you to terminate it. Usually, agreements allow you to terminate the arrangement with a letter of cancellation/termination. Experts feel that you should also get a letter from the real estate agent so that you can confirm the termination.

Property Manager MA: Broker

In the event that you can’t work it out, you can always send talk to the agent’s broker. It is very helpful as a broker has more power over an agent. Real estate agents must work for the broker. The broker has supervisory powers and the brokerage gives agents access to their listing services, insurance, etc. this means that when you sign a contract, it is essentially one between you and the brokerage. That is where the brokerage makes money from the sale of a house.The brokerage has to get involved as a bad agent means that their bottom line will be affected. It also means that the broker can also terminate the agreement without the consent of the input. Alternatively, you can be assigned a new agent at the brokerage. This way you won’t have to find one.


If none of those methods works, then you must find a lawyer to help you. A lawyer will be able to use a loophole to get you out of the contract. If you can’t afford a lawyer, you should just wait it out as contracts need to renewed after some time.

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