Property Manager MA: Winter Proofing your Property

Property Manager MA

Property Manager MA: Winter Proofing your Property

Winter is the time which brings everyone together because days end early and people have more time to spend together. It is also the time for the holiday season and people tend to have more get-together. The only downside is that Homeowners tend to go through a bad time in the winter. They have to deal with potential property damage, filing insurance claims or lawsuits for accidents at home. This can also be a busy season for insurance companies. Not only will the premiums go up but you have to deal with the headache of filing claims. Fortunately, there are ways you can reduce your risk.

Property Manager MA: Expensive Claims

When the mercury goes down, it can lead to a lot of expensive claims. This could be anything from the pipes cracking and leading to water leaks, the winter can also lead to wind damage. Sometimes it could also be a lot of hail damage. In some cases, it could be damage to the roof after a snowstorm.

Experts claim that frozen pipes are the most expensive claims, as it takes around $18,000 to replace them. Hail damage hovers around the $10,000 mark. Tree collapses because of storms are damaging as they can affect the structure of the home. They go for around $6,000.Insurance companies have had to deal with huge payouts and have paid billions out.

 Prevention is the best cure

The best way to avoid these mishaps is to be alert and take action before there are huge problems. For starters you can always keep your roof clean before the winter season starts. Clear all the gutters properly so there is no debris or leaves inside. Check the shingles on your roof and replace them as needed. Check your roof for leaks so you don’t have to deal with it later. You don’t want water dripping in after a snowfall. If there is a huge snowstorm don’t wait long to clear your roof. You can always use a long-handled rake or a professional. A heavy load on your roof means it could lead to damage.

Invest money in protecting your pipes so they don’t burst. The best solution is to set it to a warm temperature which is neither low nor high. A good level is 68 degrees so that it doesn’t cost you heavily. Then leave your faucets on at night to a trickle. If you are worried about water loss, then you can always use buckets to collect the water. Do this only when the temperature is below freezing. Insulate the rest of the pipes outside.



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