Boston Apartment Security – Part 2

Boston Apartment


So you managed to get your Boston Apartment after evaluating all security risks and moved in. The following guide is the second part in the series, which gives you tips on how to keep your apartment safe after you move in.

It is quite a task to keep your Boston apartment safe so that you can avoid being robbed. Fortunately you can avoid that if you follow these tips.

1. Buy Additional Locks

You can enhance your security by installing a deadbolt and a chain lock. Security experts recommend deadbolts because they are more difficult to pick and offer more security.  Chain locks add an extra level of security as you don’t have to open the door all the way through to talk to a stranger at the door.

2. Secure Sliding Doors

We all love balconies because they give us great views and access to sunshine. The only issue with sliding doors is that they can be used to gain entry to your apartment. This is why it helps to make sure you lock your balcony door when you are not using it. It helps to add a secondary lock as well as an inside bar lock. This will make it secure from all threats.

3. Get good Window blinds

The best way to maintain your privacy and prevent thieves from robbing you is to get some good window blinds. They do a good job in blocking the view from outside. However they will only be effective if you close them when you go out.

4. Invest in a Safe

If you have valuables at home, which are irreplaceable and valuable you should invest in a safe. It is a good idea to keep your jewelry, documents, cash and firearms in a safe. Safes come in all sizes and range from around a $100 to something in the tune of thousands of dollars. Just make sure that you bolt it the floor or wall of your Boston Apartment, as a thief will still be able to pick it up and take it. Just make sure that you take the permission of your landlord before you take that step.

5. Get renters Insurance

Do not be confused by renters insurance and building insurance as both are different. A building’s insurance policy only covers the building but not your belongings. It makes sense to get coverage for all your belongings as this will allow you to replace all your belongings if they are stolen. It is worth it in the long term.

6. Get  a Security System

Investing in a security system is a wise idea. The only problem is that most security companies are unlikely to sell their services to renters.  Fortunately there are some companies which cater to renters.


We hope this guide on securing your Boston Apartment was helpful.  Please make sure that you consult your landlord before making any decisions.

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