What Skills Are Needed To Get Hired As A Property Manager in Boston

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The first thing you need to know before starting out as a property manager in Boston is that a property manager’s work is a lot different from that of a real estate agent working in the Boston area. If you have experience working as a real estate agent, the skills you acquired will obviously help but you will need to learn a lot of new skills and enhance your knowledge about every aspect of managing a property in Boston.

So what skills do you need to get hired as a property manager in Boston? Let’s take a look.

A Property Management Certification or Equivalent Experience

Although not an essential requirement, but a professional certification does assist you in learning the necessary skills and add to your knowledge about the property management business. A certification is also useful if you want to begin working for an established property management company. Most companies will not hire people who are untrained. In the field too, clients are more liable to trust you to know your job if you have certification to prove you received the appropriate training.

Knowledge of MA and Boston Laws

Managing a property means dealing with all sorts of problems. Sometimes, a tenant will violate the terms of their agreement or lease and cause problems for you and the landlord. As the property manager, it will be up to you to handle all problems related to the property you manage instead of running to the landlord to solve them each time. This is also the case for legal issues. A good and thorough knowledge of landlord and tenant laws in Massachusetts and Boston will serve you well when such a need arises. You can also guide and advise your landlord client accordingly if they require any such assistance from you as part of your services.

Strong Knowledge of Maintenance, Repairs, Renovations and Inspections

As a property manager in Boston, the competition is tough. With property management companies being established at a fast pace, it is essential that you provide the best services possible in order to be the best among your competitors. As a property manager is responsible for handling all repairs and maintenance requests from tenants of the properties they manage, it is important for you to have a good sound knowledge and understanding of these areas.

You will also need to have good relations with some of the best service providers in Boston in the areas of home repair, plumbing, wood work, renovation and home inspections.

Handling Finances

The property manager is responsible for managing the finances of their managed properties. You will be receiving the rent, paying for repairs and maintenance and handling all other money matters related to your managed properties. You will also be presenting your clients with a full record of all expenses at scheduled times. There are a number of property management CRM software to help you with your responsibilities so investing time in learning them will make you more efficient and organized.

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