Boston Property Management: Solar Greenhouse

Boston Property Management

Boston Property Management: Solar Greenhouse

Organic vegetables and fruit can be quite pricy if you opt for a healthy lifestyle. If you have plenty of space in your backyard, then you can invest in a Solar Greenhouse. Who doesn’t want access to fruit and vegetables grown in the backyard? I

Solar Greenhouse

A Solar Greenhouse is one step above a normal greenhouse as it uses natural materials to provide a warm environment for the plants. It is well designed and will give you value for the money.

It isn’t difficult to build a Solar Greenhouse if you have the right amount of motivation.

Pick the right spot

Make sure you get the right spot before you make your Greenhouse. Test to see if there is plenty of sun exposure at the right time. Just make sure it does not lie directly in the path of the sun as you need to give it a break from getting overheated. There needs to be some sort of protection at times. Ideally it should face the south and will allow it to get the right amount of sunlight in the morning. In the winters it will get full exposure and trap the heat inside.

Boston Property Management: Footprint

Use the right tools to plot the layout. You need to plot it out on paper so you know how much room you need between the bed and the rows. Plan according to your needs and not what you think will look good.

Find the right material

Find material which will let through at least 70 percent of the light and not let the energy escape. If you can balance the two, then there won’t be any major issues. Experts recommend using Polycarbonate as it will allow the right amount of light and minimize the energy loss.


Keep your greenhouse insulated so that it can trap energy and heat during the winter. The level of thermal resistance depends on whether you want to grow plants in the summer or winter.  If you are unable to do it yourself, get the assistance of a greenhouse designer to plan ahead.


The right mix of ventilation and heat is important to keep the plants healthy. This will also help with pests and other issues. Just ensure that the vents are low and the exhausts high. If you have the budget, you can always get a solar powered automatic vent opener.

Thermal Mass

Get materials which can store heat and energy during the winter. Anything like water, stone and concrete are good for the cause.

Soil and Irrigation

Get the right soil for the environment so that you can have healthy plants. So it is good to build on the ground and keep adding nutrients to the soil. If you get a lot of rain, collect the water and feed it to your plants.

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