Tips for Selling a House in Fall

selling a house in fall

Fall is traditionally considered a slow time of year for real estate. So, if you want to sell a house this fall, you could do with a little more attention to a few things that might impact the way a potential buyer views your home. To make your house more attractive to buyers, try following these tips.

Curb Appeal

There’s nothing worse than pulling up into the driveway of a house and viewing dead leaves strewn all over the place. Making sure the house and surrounding areas are always free of leaves and dead branches will go a long way in forming a favorable impression of your property. Trim hedges around your lawn or garden and make sure trees have been trimmed to avoid any mistimed dropping of branches and leaves.

Take advantage of the beautiful orange and gold foliage around your house to show it off in its full glory. Hire a gardener to plant and take care of some of Boston’s favorite autumn flowers like Chrysanthemums and Marigolds. You can also use the month of October as an excuse to show off that beautifully decorated pumpkin patch.

The people over at Front Door have some great budget ideas for improving your home’s curb appeal during fall.

Aroma of the Season

When visiting a home, the first thing that captures the attention of a first time visitor is the smells. In our experience as property managers, we have often had potential buyers back out on a deal because of the odor in a house. This could be anything from clingy cigarette smoke to the odor of your favorite pet’s bad behavior. Of course, you should always try and get the smells out instead of trying to mask them.

However, nothing says “welcome” like the smell of freshly baked cinnamon and pumpkin pies waiting on the kitchen counter. Wouldn’t you agree? Treat your potential buyers to the aroma of the fall season and your hard work might be rewarded with a good deal.

Light it up

In the fall, days tend to get shorter in Boston like everywhere else, so you will need to make sure that your house is properly lit up and decorated in such a way that it shows best under electric lighting. Sometimes, electric lights can make some flaws visible that are usually hidden during the day time.

Remember, making your home attractive to buyers does not mean spending a lot of money. It just means making sure your house is clean, attractive and neutral. Don’t go overboard trying to “show” buyers how you live here. Let them decide how they want to use the features your home offers.

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