Top Five Misconceptions About Home Maintenance

misconceptions about home maintenance

There are a lot of myths surrounding the maintenance of a home or apartment. During our work as property managers, we have come across some that are seemingly insignificant but could lead to huge problems if these misconceptions are not dealt with swiftly.

As a landlord, home owner or tenant, it is your responsibility to make sure you do not fall for these myths or misconceptions about home maintenance and are able to ensure safe living for yourself, your family and tenants.

Don’t turn off the heating or cooling when going out

Some people think that turning off the heating or cooling when going out will save energy costs because then the system doesn’t have to work extra hard when you get back. This does not really reduce your energy costs but does keep your home at your desired temperature. The best thing to do is to turn the heating or cooling down to a lower degree. This way your home does not lose all ts warmth or coolness and you still manage to save some money on energy usage.

Turn the Thermostat all the way down to cool faster

This is just plain silly. The thermostat will just keep running until your room reaches the set temperature and that’s all. It does not start blowing out extra cool air just because the thermostat was set to low.

Electric Heat guards are cheaper than getting an ice and water shield

This may be true in the short term since getting an ice and water guard shield is an expensive process. However, in the long run, electric heat guards just cause your gutter to freeze with all the extra water and can also create ice dams in your shingles and begin dripping into the house. All of this means a lot of home maintenance costs.

Exhaust Fans Are Not Needed If You Have a Bathroom Window

I have yet to see a house with bathroom windows open through the winter. Have you? Not installing an exhaust fan may work well during the summer but what happens once winter arrives? Your bathroom needs ventilation just like any other part of the house. Ignoring this will lead to moisture buildup on the walls, windows and door.

Ceiling Fans Can’t Turn The Other Way

This is not true. A ceiling fan can actually turn both ways, One side will throw air down while turning the other side will pull air up. Many people have their ceiling fans wired wrong or are unaware of the switch that controls this and spend all summer wondering why their fan doesn’t throw any air down on them. If this is you, get a technician to check your fan and make sure it is turning in the right direction.

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