Top Tips for Boston Condo Managers

boston condo manager

As a Condo Manager, you are expected to perform certain responsibilities like administer the operating budget, collect monthly assessments, maintain the common areas, supervise employees and contractual services, prepare a suggested operating budget and report accurately to the association all monies received and spent.

If you have decided to start your career as a Boston Condo Manager, you will find these tips useful.

Know Boston and MA Laws for Condo Management

Read, learn, ask the experts and educate yourself! It is imperative that you have a solid grip on every law and regulation governing property management in Massachusetts. Make the Massachusetts Condominium Management Law your bible and refer to it often and whenever you are in doubt.

Learn eviction laws, procedures for ensuring non-discrimination and be careful about how you handle collections, which brings us to the next point.

Keep a Record of Everything Involved in Condo Management

Maintain records, files, folders, digital copies and whatever it takes to make sure you have a grip on every responsibility. The record will also help in case of difficult situations like when you need to present proof of certain transactions or steps taken to improve a condo’s functionality etc.

Make sure all receipts, bills, agreements etc are in order and easily accessible when you would need them.

Implement Procedures for Condo Management

Procedures, set guidelines and daily routines are some of the ways that can ensure efficient management of every element involved in Condo management. As your work grows, you will realize that you are flooded with things to do. Having such a fixed set of procedures or systems in place will greatly help you in dealing with issues before they arise.

Being consistent in your performance will assist you in being organized, efficient and composed. No one wants a property manager who looks hassled and half-dead with exhaustion because he can’t handle his own work.

You can use the old physical files and folders for this purpose or invest in a CRM Management Software for property managers and make sure you have a handle on things. Whatever you decide to use, make sure everything is in order so you don’t miss out on an important appointment or date.

Here are some things that people expect from a condo manager that will help guide you in understanding your responsibilities.


Extremely important and vital to the job of a condo manager is communicating with, well, everyone. Be it tenants, unit owners or the condo board, you need to be constantly in touch with all stakeholders. A lack of communication can lead to rather unpleasant situations.

I’ve seen property managers who simply hide when they are reluctant to talk to a board member or tenant about something. They make excuses for their disappearance later but the damage has already been done. It creates an air of mistrust and adversely affects the relationship between you and the other party. Don’t hide. Face the problem and try to handle it as well as you possibly can.

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