Boston Property Management: How To Turn Off Potential Buyers

Boston Property Management: How To Turn Off Potential Buyers

Boston Property Management

Buyers tend to be judgemental when it comes to visuals and photos of homes.  This is why it is important for the seller to get the buyers to stay.  So if you make any changes it can end up turning them off.

These are the ways you can turn off potential buyers.

Garage Conversion

It is never a bad idea to turn your garage into a family room. However once you get rid of the garage, it may not be reversible. This can be a big turn-off for those who are looking for a garage. People usually look for a secure, covered place to park their cars or at least store everything there. A garage conversion may add rooms but it can keep garage buyers away.

Bedroom is not what it used to be

So if you have converted your bedroom into something else, then it can be a problem for potential buyers. Something which may look attractive to you can be a problem for a buyer. So a buyer is not interested in buying a home with an office or a gym which can’t be turned into a room again. So if you ever make any changes to the rooms, please make sure that it can be converted back into a room again.

Hardwood Floors are not Noticeable 

Hardwood floors are always the preferred choice as they are easier to clean. A hardwood floor makes the room look nice and much bigger. They are also good for those who have allergies. A shining hardwood floor is what a buyer is looking for.

Light Fixtures are Terrible 

Don’t go for a garish fixture which looks like it came out of Liberace’s living room. It can be beautiful for some but can be a turn off for those who want something simpler. If you ever decide to put a fixture, do replace it once you are done with it.

Kid’s Bedroom is over the top

A family may not have an issue with a child’s room. However it can be a problem for those who don’t have kids. It can also be a big task trying to remove the wallpaper and changing the light fixtures in the room. The best solution is to change the decor before you put the home on the market.

Boston Property Management: Above Ground Pool

Above-ground pools tend to be an eyesore for buyers.  They tend to drag down the price of the home and make it tougher for it to sell.  So get rid of the pool before you put the home on the market. Just do it only if you know you are really going to sell your home.

Dirty Kitchen

Clean your kitchen thoroughly before you show your home to a buyer. A kitchen full of dirty dishes will always send a negative message to the buyer. The buyer will assume that the home owner does not care about the home. So don’t show your home before you clean everything up.

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