Condo Management Boston: Lease Negotiation

condo management Boston

Condo Management Boston: Lease Negotiation

Once you get through all the paperwork of renting a property, you will have the option of deciding whether the terms of the lease are worth it or not. The good thing is that the renter has some power to bargain for the lease.

1. Security deposits

There will be occasions when the landlord will demand an unreasonable figure for the security deposit. You can always suggest something which is more within your range and will not put you in the poor house. The good thing is that there are laws which can limit the account deposit. However you will need to give references and prove that you are good at maintaining rental properties.

2. Pets

Sometimes pets tend to be a deal breaker and people don’t go for certain rental properties if the property manager ¬†does not allow it. There are occasions when the lease allows for some negotiation if the pet is quiet, docile and small. This will help your case and make it easier for you to get a lease.

3. Condo Management Boston: Amenities 

If there are amenities you need to use, then you can get them included for the price of your monthly rent. Once again it also depends on whether you have shown a good record of making payments and if you have impeccable references. So try and negotiate to get them within the terms of your lease.

4. Parking and Guests

Sometimes certain property managers don’t like renters to have a lot of guests. This can be a problem for the tenant who wants to host a few guests. Try and haggle with the management so you can get at least three passes so that you can allow your visitors to park close by. There can be some buildings which restrict tenants from having overnight guests, which could be close friends and family. Try and put your foot down and you will see how quickly that clause goes away.

5. Rent

The terms of the rent are the biggest hurdle and not so easy to negotiate. The only thing going in your favour is that the building manager will need to make sure that all the condo units are filled. So if you are a good tenant with good references, no bad rental history, then you will get a god reduction. Don’t try to push it as it will only end up aggravating the landlord.

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