Which Boston Neighborhood Is Cheapest for Students?


When most young people start going to college, they usually have to move away from their homes and begin living in university dorms or off-campus housing. As a parent, this can be one of the most difficult parts of a university or college going child. We are usually besieged by questions about the neighborhood, its facilities and transport. But most importantly, we are concerned about how our son or daughter will cope with living away from the protection of home.

As real estate agents and property managers in Boston, we follow a few simple criteria when suggesting apartments in or around Boston for students:

  • How far is it from the college?
  • Is it easy to commute to college?
  • What are the rents?
  • What facilities are provided?

So, here are some of the Boston neighborhoods that we suggest to parents and students who will be going through their first experience of living away from home in a college area apartment.


As home to many of Boston’s famous colleges and universities, the area known as Fenway-Kenmore is one of the best-suited neighborhoods in Boston for students. Due to its proximity to colleges and universities, Fenway is primarily populated by students and faculty members.

Rents here tend to be more affordable than other Boston neighborhoods and it is relatively easier to find room-mates to share the cost of living.

The MBTA Lines also provide access to other parts of Boston.


Dorchester has a very diverse population. This makes it home to some wonderful restaurants and entertainment facilities. In the Harbor Point area of Dorchester is the Boston campus of the University of Massachusetts making it a good choice for students. Apartments in Dorchester are available in a variety of rent ranges and you will probably be able to find something to fit your budget quite easily.

MBTA website has more information about the subway.


Bordering the Fenway, Brookline offers an interesting harmony between city living and small town atmosphere. Brookline Village and other commercial centers provide easy access to shops for a variety of shopping needs. Traveling from Brookline to any of the major colleges and universities is also convenient due to the T lines from Brookline Hills Station or the Brookline Village Station.


Also known as The Garden City, Newton provides a number of affordable solutions for students and first-time renters. It is a pretty little city sharing borders with the Charles River on three sides. Standing close to Boston, Newton is a good choice because of the relatively faster commute times as compared to other Boston neighborhoods.


Another area most popular amongst students is the Allston-Brighton neighborhood of Boston. In close proximity to Boston city, Allston and its bordering Brighton area have some wonderful affordable options for students who would like to be close to their educational institutions. Boston University, Boston College and Harvard Business School are all easily accessible through the T lines.

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