Boston Property Management: Getting ready for College

Boston Property Management

Boston Property Management: Getting ready for College

The transition from High School to College can be a bit tough and not like what you see in the movies. For starters it takes time to make close friends as you can’t just trust anyone. High school friendships do not last forever as you transition into college life. College is not like high school where you get to party all the time. Some students are quite unaware of what to do when faced with the prospect of renting in Boston. These are the ones who either don’t get room in dorms or want to try living on their own.

There are many things students are not aware of before they start college in Boston.  For starters you can rent textbooks instead of paying full price for them.  If you are not comfortable with that idea, you can always buy them secondhand online. They cost a fraction of the price and end up saving you money. Don’t fall for the scam of buying new editions as they are barely any changes.

Also be prepared to walk around a lot as it will get you to places quicker.  It is also good for your health.

It can also be very tough to rent in Boston if you are a student. You need to be on your guard for scams where you can end up paying more for a place or for something you never wanted.


1. Make sure all of the money is accounted for

It is a pain sharing a place with other students especially if you don’t know them. So make sure that the rest of the folks have committed and have enough money to pay the first month’s rent. You will also realize that rental prices tend to be quite high and you won’t really get a bargain for the price you are looking for.

2. Be prepared to pay a brokers fee

You would be really lucky if you found an apartment without a broker. Most cases require paying a brokerage fee even if there is a no fee apartment. You can choose to pay it upfront or along with your rent.

3. Boston Property Management: Utilize your friends

If not then you can always ask your friends and classmates for tips on where to go to. They have probably had experiences before and can share useful tips on what you should do.  Sometimes it’s good to ask them for their help as they might help you avoid being scammed by realtors.

4. Pick up the phone

Emailing an agent is not going to help you find an apartment. Call them up and ask for a viewing so that you can see if you are really getting what you asked for.

5. Speak up and ask questions

If you are afraid of asking questions, you will never be able to get anything done. Make a list of questions in your head and ask them when you view the property. You can even check and see the reviews of property management companies on Yelp to see if they have a good or bad reputation.

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