How Can I Save Money on Furniture?

save money on furniture

Saving money on furniture is no different from saving money on anything else. All you need is a good observation, smart thinking and careful planning. Whether you have moved into a new apartment or home, are moving into your first home or simply want to re-furnish before spring arrives, saving money is an important aspect that needs to be considered especially if you are living on a tight budget.

Here are some tips that we have learned over the years and have helped us save a lot of money when shopping for furniture.


The easiest way to save money, and one involving a lot less hassle, is to give your old furniture a makeover. If the table top on your living room table looks old and you want to replace it with a cleaner, newer looking one, why not just get the old one polished? Wood polishing can do wonders for old wood furniture like tables, chairs, beds and kitchen counters. Similarly, by replacing the upholstering on old couches, chairs and curtain trimmings, you can easily change the whole look of your house.

Unless the item is broken beyond repair, you’d be surprised at how much a simple repair, replace and re-upholstering can do.

Visit the Dumpster

Put your ego aside for a moment and think back to all the beautiful pieces of furniture you can sometimes spot lying on the dumpster. Many people, especially students, don’t bother to go to the trouble of selling their old furniture or hauling it over to a thrift store so they just pile it up on the dumpster. This can be quite the treasure trove for those who know what they’re looking for. Why not save money by picking up discarded furniture instead of buying new items that you will end up discarding anyway?

Spring and autumn cleaning times are the best to find some great pieces of furniture lying on the dumpster waiting for you to give them a new home.

Davis’ Dumpster Diving has some great ideas about where to look and here are some great ideas for restoring old furniture. And here’s an artist who works on old furniture to transform it into a work of art.

Ask For It!

If you like a particular piece of furniture at a relative or friend’s home, tell them so! Of course, you don’t have to mention you want it for free but they wouldn’t dream of selling you something they want to throw out anyway, would they? When the time comes for them to replace it, they’ll remember you and you just might have yourself that awesome bookshelf or couch you so wanted.


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