Christmas Gift Ideas for the New Homeowner

Christmas gifts for home owners

Christmas is almost here and everyone is in a mad dash to complete their Christmas gift buying. If someone you know is a recent home owner, then buying gifts for them should include something that will add to their new home.

From faux pebble floors to huge celebrity statues, there is a large number of things you can buy for someone who has just moved into their new home. New home owners are usually looking for new things for their home décor and what could be better than unwrapping that beautiful custom-made shower curtain for your bare new bathroom? Depending on how well you know them, your gift just might be the best Christmas gift they ever got.

Websites like Etsy have a lot of original and creative ideas for you to browse through. Here are some we found.


Beautiful mood lighting or just festive strings of happy red lights, lighting is an important element of home décor and one that is probably on your new home owners’ wish list for Christmas. Take a look at these beautiful creations that you can buy for them.

Antique Lamp


Festive fairy lights

fairy lantern

Aladdin Lights

aladin lights

Retro Peacock Fabric Lampshade

peacock lampshade


Candles and Holders

Set the Christmas with these wonderful candles and holders. Your new home owner will love you when they unwrap this thoughtful gift this Christmas.

Sushi candle gift set

sushi candle gist set

Upcycled glass jars candle holders

upcycled glass jar candles

Tealights and candles

tea lights

Votive candle holder

votive candle holder

Tea Towels and Aprons

If your new home owner friends enjoy cooking, these will make for great Christmas gifts.

Personalized Men’s Apron

personalized men's apron

Kitchen Towel – Flour sack Towel – Dish Towel – Tea Towel- Monogrammed Wreath

kicthen towel

Matryoshka Russian Kitchen Apron

russian apron

Quilted Hanging Kitchen Towel

quilted itchen towel

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