Boston Property Management: Setting up an Eco-friendly Garden


Boston Property Management


Boston Property Management: Setting up an Eco-Friendly Garden is a short guide on how one can set up a garden in an apartment.  Boston Apartments come at a premium price because there is not much space in the city.  There are some who are lucky enough to have a patio but then the downside is that there is no garden. It is quite easy to turn that patio space into a nice eco-friendly garden, where you can grow your own produce. Not only will this help you save money, but it will also help you reduce your carbon print.


If there is no sunlight, there is no point of having a garden. Before you start planning your garden, make sure that your patio/balcony/deck gets enough sunlight. The maximum you need is six hours of sunlight to ensure that your plants grow properly. There may be some which require less. Check the guide on the seed packets to see how much sunlight is required for each of them.


The Perfect Spot

Boston Property Management dictates that one must find the right spot to start a garden. is to ensure that you find the right spot. The best thing to do is to ensure that you do not grow anything in the local soil as it can be full of lead. Test the soil of your area before you grow anything as it will tell you whether it is safe or not. Get some untainted soil and grow your plants in a raised bed or a container. Ensure that you check the needs for each plant before you plant anything. It would be advisable to use eco-friendly pots as they do not add to the carbon footprint.

Good Soil

It is important to use good organic soil so that your crops may grow properly. If you do not have any good soil in your area, buy some and add nutrients to them to make them more organic. Add mulch so that they can prevent problems such as erosion, moisture and allow for root growth. One can get mulch from basically any place which has grass, leaves, organic material or wood chips. The other alternative is to make your own compost heap at home and use that mulch.

Water Supply

The thing about gardens is that one needs a good watering solution. If you are unable to get a small garden hose, then try and get a micro irrigation system to water your plants. Not only will this not add to your water bill, but you will be able to ration your water usage easily.

 Crops to Grow

Check the Farmer’s almanac to see what sort of crops you can grow in Boston. We recommend growing leafy vegetables such as kale in the winter while Parsnip, Brussels sprout are good for both winter and fall. One can grow all sorts of crops in the summer so the sky’s the limit.

We hope you liked our guide Boston Property Management: Setting up an Eco-friendly Garden.



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