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best restaurants acton ma

While working in and around MA for our property manager business, we often have the opportunity to sample food from the different restaurants in each town. As an Acton property manager, we have been to most of Acton’s restaurants both big and small.

While reading these reviews, keep in mind that when it comes to food, the enjoyment lies in the eater’s taste. If I like something, it does not necessarily mean my friend would like it too. We have based our reviews on the following criteria:

  • Environment and ambience
  • Food variety
  • Cleanliness
  • Service

Sprigs Restaurant and Bar

Sprigs restaurant Acton ma

Located at the sweetly named Strawberry Hill Road, Sprigs is a nice, cozy little place perfect for that romantic dinner with your partner.

Housed in an old historical building, the place gives you the feeling you’re a dinner guest at someone’s home. The staff is polite and helpful; while the host makes it a point to stop by your table to ask how you’re doing. The service can be slow if you’re with a large group of people but that is to be expected from a small family-run restaurant.

The lighting could do with a little more brightness because it can sometimes get hard to read the menu.

We tried the bread pudding that was recommended by most people and have to say it wasn’t bad at all. Not the best, but pretty good considering the price. In Boston, you’d probably get the same pudding for double that price.

If you’re looking for a real dinner with no television or Wi-Fi to distract from conversations with your partner, then this is the place for you.

Po’s Ribs and Barbecue

Po's barbecue restaurant Acton Ma

If loud, energetic and flashy is your style, then Po’s is the place for you. Featuring modern décor and the looks of a wild party gone right, Po’s is the kind of place you’ll enjoy if you have noisy kids tagging along because no one will notice!

The barbecue is really good but the other food is just passable. Well, it is a barbecue place after all. For the reasonable prices they offer, the sandwich and dinner platters present quite an enticing option.

Lunch or dinner, the food and atmosphere are okay for people who just want to eat and look around without talking to each other.

Le Lyonnais

Le Lyonnais French restaurant Acton MA

When we first came across Le Lyonnais, we weren’t expecting much. I mean, a French restaurant in a small town like Acton? How can they even advertise French food? But we were pleasantly surprised.

The moment we were served Gérard’s Salade Méditérranéen by Chef Gérard Labrosse himself, we were floored. And it was delicious. You must try the Coquille St. Jacques and the Grilled Veal Chop although the prices are a bit on the high side.

The décor is nice, clean and homely but the service could do with some speed. We understand that you want to give the impression of European calmness to customers, but taking almost an hour to get one dish is taking it a bit too far.

There are a bunch of other restaurants in Acton, MA that we’d like to talk about but space limits us. So, which is your favorite restaurant in Acton, MA? Do let us know in the comments below.

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