Best Restaurants in Malden MA

malden restaurants

Malden Ma is perhaps one of the most popular choices for those working in Boston. It offers a quick and easy commute to Boston and the housing prices are affordable if you know how to look for them. For those residing in Malden, the city has a whole host of different activities and events for everyone.

Malden is an especially good place for families with children because of its excellent schools and education system. Although the price of living here can be a bit on the higher side, many would advocate that it is worth it.

Everyone enjoys eating out every now and then and continuing with our series of best restaurants around different towns and cities of Massachusetts, here is our choice of the best restaurants in Malden MA.

All Seasons Table Restaurant

All Seasons Table is located on Pleasant Street, Malden. The restaurant features different cuisines including Asian and a fine collection of wines. You can even enjoy their live jazz sessions that are available on specific days of the week.

For some people, their food can be a bit too spicy but it all depends on your taste because we found the spice to be enticing. Do try out their Wonton soup and Alligator Maki.

Ethiopian Habesha

If you’re looking to introduce your taste buds to a totally different experience, you might consider Habesha. Featuring rich Ethiopian cuisine, this restaurant is located on Main Street, Malden MA. The staff is polite and will generally take the time to explain what each dish contains if you aren’t familiar with Ethiopian food.

The place is quiet and cozy and well suited for a peaceful dinner with the fanily or your significant other. You might want to grab a salad with your food to tone down the spice because, boy do they like it hot!

Oya Cuban Café

Another one to satisfy those who wish to explore new tastes. This little café stands near the All Seasons Table Restaurant and has seen a pretty solid increase in clientele since its appearance. The décor and the staff are satisfactory but the food is nothing to write home about unless you consider that a Cuban restaurant in Malden is quite a novelty. For the location and the fact that it provides Malden residents with a taste of Cuban food is worth appreciating.

Go for the Rancho Guajiro if you like pork and the Cuban style Risotto, then, sit back and enjoy your food as live music plays in the background.



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