Best Italian Restaurants in Medford MA

medford ma italian food

Bistro 5


medford italian bistro 5

Offering Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, Bistro 5 is quite popular among Medford residents and visitors. Located in West Medford on Playstead Road, Bistro 5’s menu includes many sumptuous dishes that will leave you feeling satisfied and content.

The atmosphere is absolutely wonderful. The rich gold and red colors combined with the plush furniture make you feel like you just stepped back in time to Tuscany.

Chef Vittorio Ettore also manages a “Seed to Plate” program at the Ambrose Elementary School where he works with 4th and 5th grades teaching them how to plant and harvest their gardens.

 Pastalania’s Restaurant and Catering

Pastalina italian medford

Pastalina’s, located on Salem St. Medford, is another great Italian restaurant that will probably have you visiting it every now and then.

The atmosphere is nice and quiet making for a good place for a quiet dinner for two.

In regards to the food, some of their dishes are absolutely a must-try especially the pasta dishes. Pastalina’s make great pasta, perhaps the best around Medford. It is always fresh and delicious making each of their pasta dishes a satisfying meal.

 Bocelli’s Restaurant and Pizza

Bocelli's medford italian food

Bocelli’s has mixed reviews all over the internet however, we decided to give it a try ourselves to see what it was really like. We were not too disappointed.

Located on Main St. Medford, Bocelli’s offers a nice homely interior where everyone seems to know each other. The place has a very friendly owner and staff, although the waitresses can be rather slow at times.

The best thing about Bocelli’s is probably the bread. Fresh, home-made and delicious, it makes up for some of the less tasty dishes you could go for. Most of the food is superb. The Ravioli, chicken parmesan and meatballs will not disappoint you so do give them a shot.

It’s a great place to hang out with your friends and watch a Sox game with snacks at their bar.

 Lantana Café

Lantana italian medford Ma

Another restaurant with Italian cuisine in Medford is the Lantana Café. Although Chef Ayman’s food is not something to rave about, they do have some dishes that are worth trying out. For example the Pumpkin Ravioli seems to have impressed most visitors. Located in the quiet Salem St area, Lantana offers a peaceful atmosphere where you can enjoy your food and time with friends or family unhindered by other considerations.

Lantana’s staff is friendly and helpful for the most part although the food delivery can take some time when the restaurant is heavily packed.

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