Best Restaurants in Reading, MA

restaurants in reading ma

Mandarin Reading Restaurant

Mandarin in Reading MA is perhaps one of the best places for Chinese and Japanese cuisine. The restaurant serves a large variety of dishes that are usually enough to satisfy anyone looking for something other than their usual weekend pizza time.

We visited on a weekend and were lucky to find a spot because the place soon filled up with people looking forward to the buffet. And what a buffet it was! Totally worth it.

Start with the hot and sour soup and Shao-mai for appetizers and you can’t go wrong from there.

Venetian Moon, Reading, MA

One of the best restaurants you can find in Reading that allows you to choose the kind of atmosphere you want. The place is divided into two portions with upper and lower seating arrangements. For those who want to enjoy a quite dinner with their spouse or friends can take a place at one of the tables upstairs. While those in larger groups looking for a bit of liveliness, usually prefer the downstairs seating.

The food is delicious and while the prices can seem to be high at first glance, the portions are pretty large for one person and can be packed and taken home for another meal. So, it’s two meals at the price of one. And you must try the Martini! After you taste one you start to wonder why the restaurant isn’t named The Martini.

Grumpy Doyle’s

Let’s get one thing straight about Grumpy Doyle’s: this is not a place for elegant, quiet and pleasant dinners. Grumpy is a pub that serves the kind of fare you expect to see in pubs.

Grumpy is a place for the guys to hang out, chug a few beers and enjoy the baseball game on television. Not every restaurant is for everyone and we think this is a good place in Reading, MA to just sit back and enjoy your free time. It’s comfortable, active and the food is alright.

Bagel World

This place is on our list solely for the quality and deliciousness of its bagels. Crisp, creamy and large, these bagels are as close to NYC bagels as they can get all the way in Reading, MA. However, the service can be slow most of the times because the lines are long and the wait is seemingly endless. But the bagel! Oh they are worth it. Just make sure you buy enough to last you a whole Saturday morning so you don’t have to go back for more.

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