Best Restaurants in Somerville MA

Hello again with our weekly Property Managerial take on the best restaurants around Ma and Boston. This week we take a look at some of the best restaurants in Somerville, MA.

Dali Restaurant and Tapas Bar

restaurant in somerville MA

At the corner of Beacon St and Washington St, Somerville, you’ll find an odd purple building. This is home to the Dali Restaurant and Tapas Bar. Exquisitely decorated inside as it is outside, you’ll find yourself visiting this little place quite often once you try it out.

As the name suggests, Dali specifically caters to Tapas and we have to say they are very good. Our favorite so far has been the goat cheese tapas with tomato and basil. You must try their sangria with all the tasty food.

The Neighborhood Restaurant and Bakery

neighborhood restaurant in somerville

Start with the American breakfast and stay for the Portuguese lunch because Neighborhood will definitely claim its place in your weekend eat-out places.

Seating arrangements outside on the patio under the leafy trees are a treat for when the sun is out. The interior is also cozy and warm, nicely decorated and clean. The food is excellent and the breakfast has everything from scrambled eggs to cream of wheat. Most people swear their cream of wheat has made them a fan of the dish when they never liked it before.

The Portuguese lunch will leave you satisfied no matter how big your appetite. Give their barbecued pork chops a try or try the big bowl of snapper stew; you will not be dissatisfied.

Highland Kitchen

highland kitchen restaurant in somerville MA

Picture by Darlene Devita

Entering the lively interior of the Highland Kitchen, one is taken aback by the homely feeling of the place. Dimly lit and with an ambience that makes your visit very rewarding, the restaurant also offers excellent service. The servers are helpful and polite, even with the rare obnoxious customer who must have a table instantly when the place is full.

If you like spicy, get the Spicy Texan chilly appetizer and then go for the Sirloin Tips. Or, you can enjoy your Sunday morning Brunch and still have lots left to spend on lunch.


journeyman restaurant in somerville MA

The first thing you notice once you’re seated is the view from your seat. You can either sit at the bar and catch a glimpse of the cooks at their work or be seated near the windows that look out on pretty plants. The next thing you notice, after you get the menu, is the high price. But once you taste the food and the wine, the high price starts to seem worth it.

Start with the Arugula Gin Cocktail while you wait for your food to be delivered. If you take a seat at the bar, you’ll get a pretty good view of the care and attention that goes into preparing each dish. Most of the Journeyman’s food seems to be centered around the idea of giving interesting and creative twists to local food ingredients. So, you’ll find that the salad is an exotic collection of colorful organic vegetables. Give it a try if you want to see how creative food can be.

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