Why Chelmsford MA is the Best Place to Live in

If you watch The Simpsons, you might be interested to know that most of the locations in the series have been inspired by real places in Chelmsford, MA. The background design supervisor, Lance Wilder, was a resident of the town and many of the cartoon’s locations come from the time he spent in Chelmsford.

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So, why was Chelmsford MA voted number 28 on a list of best places to live in the United States?

Location of Chelmsford MA

This little town sits comfortably near some of the more happening MA towns. Although Chelmsford is especially attractive to senior citizens who love the quiet, rural air of the town, the town still has an active community who is always busy with different events.

A primarily suburban town, Chelmsford has its share of fun-filled activities. For instance, in the centre of the town you will find The Java Room which holds lots of special events for customers and is always a good place to meet people from your new home town.

And of course, you can always head on over to Patch for a complete list of things to do in Chelmsford.

Transportation is convenient and the I-495 and Route 3 highways make it easy to access nearby towns and other locations.

Affordable Living in Chelmsford MA

Although the town is not exactly known for its nightlife or parties, the fact that it is cheaper than towns like Cambridge makes it an affordable solution.

Chelmsford is a great place to take your first steps into a new career due to the fact that it helps you save money. If you work in one of the nearby towns or in Boston, the money you spend on transport from Chelmsford is a lot less than what you would spend on living in those towns. In this situation, finding a home in Chelmsford MA would be a smart decision that you can pat yourself on the back for when you realize how much money you saved.

Oh and did we mention that Nashua, NH (which is just round the corner) is a tax-free zone which means lots of shopping!

Family Oriented Life in Chelmsford, MA

Apart from being affordable, Chelmsford is a very family oriented community. If you’d like a peaceful, healthy and nourishing environment for your children to grow up in, Chelmsford is right up your alley.

The schools in the area are well ranked and the libraries provide a lot of activities for young children and teenagers.

If you are thinking about moving to Chelmsford, MA, you can give us a call for more information about affordable housing options available in the area and we’ll be very happy to help you.


Town Hall photo by John Phelan via Wikimedia Commons.

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