Property Manager MA: 10 things to do in the New Year

Property Manager MA

Property Manager MA: 10 things to do in the New Year

2015 is around the corner and you are probably not prepared for it. There is a lot you can do to be prepared for the New Year. Here is a list of things you should be doing.

Tax Breaks

It helps to check up on your finances so you can see if you qualify for any tax deductions. So it is important to sort out your paperwork. Make sure you check the IRS’s list of tax break for homeowners.

Make any energy-efficiency updates before January 1

If you want to switch over to energy saving appliances make sure you do it before the New Year is over. You might end up losing tax benefits if you don’t do it on time. This is because they are valid till the end of the fiscal year.

Calculate your property taxes

Some people forget that property taxes are only deductible for the time period you actually own the home. For example if you have owned the home for just 5 months, you will have to pay taxes for that time period.

Tips for Renters

Double-check your Insurance Renewal

If you buy an annual Renters Insurance package, you will get a discount.  The end of the year is a good time to check with other providers to see if you can get a good deal.

Update your landlord on any issues

A good property manager MA would  suggest that it is a good idea to keep your landlord updated about all your problems at home. Issues will always pop up at your rental home, so there is no harm in updating your landlord. Just make sure that you only contact him at an ungodly hour if there is an emergency. Minor matters can be dealt with at a decent time during the day.

Negotiate your rent

It helps to negotiate for a price cut in your rent.  A price cut can go a long way and be easier on your pocket. It may be an issue if you on a month to month lease and your landlord may be reluctant to give you a break. Try and talk to your landlord towards the start of the New Year and see if you can cut a deal for a discount if you sign up for a longer contract.


Tidy up your paperwork

Buying or selling a house can be quite a task. It also accumulates a lot of paperwork. This is why you should sit down and organize your paperwork. Make sure everything is sorted out, copied and stored in the right folders. This will always come in handy for you later. If you want to get rid of clutter, look at the documents which you no longer need. Just make sure you don’t get rid of any financial paperwork.

List and tally any moving costs

Add up all your small expenses to see if you are eligible for moving costs.  One has to meet a set of requirements though. These savings will help you with your budget later in the year.

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