Property Manager MA: Avoid Seller’s Remorse

Property Manager MA

Property Manager MA: Avoid Seller’s Remorse

When there aren’t enough houses being sold and you know that you are the one with an advantage, then you have to really think everything through before you make any decisions. This is perhaps one reason why you will get more than the asking price. However, there are times when a seller has doubts about selling a place. This is why you have to be really sure before you make the sale. You also need to keep certain strategies in mind before you make the sale.

Pricing Strategy

The smart sellers are the ones who price their homes competitively so that it’s not too cheap nor expensive. This is a good strategy as this protects the seller’s interests as you know you will get a good price. It will never help going higher unless you have a home which is in a very prime location. If your agent does not agree, then do not go against his/her wishes as they have a better idea about the market. In the event that you feel that you can make a good judgement, you can go for it and always reduce the price if it does not sell. The downside is that if you raise the price after it goes on the market then it will look a bit off. So don’t make any sudden decisions unless you are convinced you will do a good job.

Property Manager MA: Plan post the sale

Just because you get all the offers above the selling price doesn’t mean everything will work out well for you. There is always the question of what you plan to do once you sell your home. Selling the home is just one part of the process. The rest has to do with how you plan to deal with your living situation if an offer for your home is accepted. So make a plan about what you intend to do once the home is in escrow. After all you won’t have much time and you need to plan everything.


When you feel you are in a strong position you can always try and negotiate terms which can suit you better. If you are unable to find a place to move to when you are closing the sale, you can always try and get some more time with at least one more month and payment of rent for anything beyond that. It may not always work but you can always give it a try. This usually happens if your home is in a bidding war and people are desperate to get it. So plan properly and see where it takes you.

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