Property Manager MA: Breaking your Lease

Property Manager MA

Property Manager MA: Breaking your Lease 

Renting tends to be less of a commitment for people as they can live without owning their home. This is why they tend to sign long term leases so they can feel at ease. The only issues which can pop is when you may have to break your lease because of extenuating circumstances.

This is where you can explore options to see how you can avoid breaking your lease.

Talk to the Property Manager MA

If there are extenuating circumstances which are making you leave, go and talk to your Property Manager MA. You can check with them to see whether you can break your lease or not. Explain your situation to them clearly. Make sure you ask them whether you can break your lease or not. See if you can work out through the issues as that will help a lot. There can be multiple issues which can affect your ability to stay at your current place. It could be the noise or bad neighbors or a roommate moving out. It does not hurt to talk about it as the lack of clarity will only hurt both the tenant and the property management company. The property manager MA will try his/her best to make the tenant feel better and get through the issue. Talking about it always helps in the long term.


If both you and the Property Manager MA agree that breaking the lease is necessary, then you have several options. If there is the need to upsize, then you can always move to a bigger unit. If there is the need to downsize, you can look at the option of a smaller space. Try to see if you can move to another property owned by the same property management company. Do remember that there are fees associated with a move to a different unit.

Be up front

It always helps to be upfront when you negotiate properly in the beginning. Add a clause which will help you break the clause. An important point to remember is that the clause has to be meaningful for you to be able to get out of it. No Property Manager MA will accept a clause which does not make sense. If you feel that you won’t be in the unit for a long time, try to go for a flexible lease which will offer you a way out. So add a clause for relocating if your job makes you move or one where you can move out if the living situation is unacceptable.

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