Property Manager MA: Tips for Buyers and Sellers in a Sellers Market


Property Manager MA


Property Manager MA: Tips for Buyers and Sellers in a Sellers Market

This is a great time for sellers as there the demand is higher than the supply. This is one reason why sellers are in a good position at the moment. The following will help you make the most of a sale or purchase in a sellers’ market.

Sellers need to make the Effort

Sellers should not take it easy assuming that things will be easy for them. They still have to abide by the rules and put their best foot forward. If they price their homes well, they will be able to make a sale. If the home is priced higher than the normal market price or if you don’t show it well then you will not get the money you want for it. The thing about a sellers’ market is that you can get multiple offers if you price it right.

Dealing with multiple offers

Sometimes you get multiple offers and it is not easy choosing the best buyer. Just make sure that the best buyer is the one who has the most experience, is working with a local agent, has the loan ready and makes the best offer. That is the sort of buyer you should pursue. However do remember that sometimes things can be derailed so make sure you have backup offers. It will be more difficult to get back on the market and it will look like there is something wrong with your home.

Property Manager MA: Buyers need to plan and strategize to win in a sellers’ market

A good strategy is what will allow you to get a home. So make sure that your financing is ready and that you have done your homework. It can be frustrating waiting for a good home but if you are prepared, you can save time.

Don’t wait around

Be vigilant and look around for new listings. Getting to them before others will only benefit you. So go for it as soon as you see it. All aggressive buyers can make an offer really fast. So that’s why the early bird gets the worm.

Invest the time

Make sure you have the time and the energy along with a good agent. This will help you get a home faster.  It is also about getting the right terms.

Make a good first impression and a strong offer

If you make a good impression along with a strong offer, you will be taken seriously.

Make sure you do all your due diligence so that you can get submit your offer. Get everything done (home inspection, appraisal, etc) before you go for it. Don’t take your time as this will hurt you. The faster you do it, the more likely it is you will get it.

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