Property Manager MA: Checklist of people to contact when moving

Property manager MA

Property Manager MA: Checklist of people to contact when moving

When you are in the middle of a move, you can forget about a number of people and institutions you need to contact in regards to your change of address. It is essential to notify everyone so that you can make a smooth transition.

Family and friends

It is a given that you have to inform your Family and friends about you move. They need to know because if you want to move, you might be able to ask them to help. In the event that you are moving far away, you can always give them enough time to say goodbye.

Current employer

You need to inform your employer at least a month in advance so that they can fill your position. This does not apply if you are relocating to another branch of the same company. It will make things easier and allow them to send you the relevant tax and insurance documents towards the end of the year.

Property Manager MA: Landlord

It is your responsibility to inform your landlord if you are moving away. You also need to review your lease agreement and fulfill everything listed there. Your landlord also has the right to be informed at least 30 days in advance before you move out. So write a notice which states your move out date and your future address. Take some pictures of the property and write a statement about the current state of the property so you can get your deposit back.

Postal services

Get your address changed through the USPS so that it helps you avoid problems. update your new address and get everything forwarded there. Fill out a change of address request on the official USPS website.


Inform your service providers so that you can get your current connections disconnected and reconnected at your new residence.


Contact the DMV only if you are moving out of state. Let them know so that they can update your address.

Government agencies

Inform the Social Security Administration, electoral register and other institutions before you move out of state.  This also includes the IRS as they need your home address so that they can mail you your tax return and other documents.

Financial institutions

Inform the banks and other lenders about your new address so that you can keep your finances in order. This is the best way for them to keep in touch with you so that they can send you sensitive financial documents. We hope you liked our post “Property Manager MA: Checklist of people to contact when moving”.  


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