Property Manager MA: Childproof your Home

Property Manager MA

Property Manager MA: Childproof your Home

It can be a tough job keeping your children safe from getting hurt in your home. Fortunately there are ways you can minimize the risk. This post looks at how you can childproof your home.

1. Covers for outlets and power strips

Covers for outlets are a good idea as they will prevent infants/toddlers from sticking their hands into electrical sockets. It would also be a good idea to get covers for power strips os that they are also out of bounds for them.

2. Stove knob covers

If your stove is at a height which can be reached by a toddler, it is time you invest in stone knobs. It can be dangerous if your toddler turns the knob on. A stone knob will make it impossible for a toddler to turn the knob on. They can always be taken off when you are cooking.

3. Cabinet and drawer locks

A good Property Manager MA would recommend  locks for your cabinets and drawers so your child won’t go through them. Make sure that all harmful cleaning products are locked in those storage compartments. All sharp objects should be locked safely in the drawers.

4. Corner guards

Invest in corner guards for your tables as they reduce the risk of your child bumping into them. Corner guards are soft and minimize the chances of your child getting  hurt.

5. Fireplace screen

If you have a fireplace, get a screen so that your child does not fall into this space. It doesn’t matter whether you use the fireplace or not. A screen will prevent the child from going into that space.

6. Stair gates

A home with stairs needs a gate so that the child does not fall down the stairs.  So if you have a secure gate on the top of the stairs you don’t have to worry about your child falling down the stairs.

7. Window covers

Get window covers for your windows so that your child stays safe. It doesn’t matter if you have a screen as the child can still fall out of the window. You can minimize the risk with a window cover.

8. Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposal switches should be kept out of reach of toddlers. If the switch can’t be moved then make sure you lock the knob or at least lock the door where it is contained.

9. Childproof the outdoors

Survey the outdoors to make sure it is safe for your toddler. Get rid of all sharp objects, rocks, boulders before you let your child play outside. Also make sure that there are no holes or ditches outside which the child can fall into.

We hope you liked our guide “Property Manager MA: Childproof your Home”.

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