Property Manager MA: How to cool your home in Summer

Property Manager MA

Property Manager MA: How to cool your home in Summer

Summer can be a scorcher in many parts of the country where the temperatures make you all sweaty and uncomfortable. This is why one has to resort to artificial means to get cool, fresh air.

Those who opt for cool solutions try it out with fans and home ventilations systems. If that doesn’t work then they resort to proper air conditioning systems. The downside of air conditioning is that they tend to lead to an increase in the electricity bill in the summer. Yet it hasn’t stopped around 88 percent of new single-family homes from installing it.


Most people don’t realize that it is the thermostat setting which is a factor in the electricity bill. So keep the temperature as high as possible so that the room is comfortable. There is no need to go super low unless there is a heat wave and you are unable to cool your home.

No matter what unit or system you choose, how you adjust your thermostat determines your ultimate savings on your electric bill. Start by setting the temperature as high as is still comfortable, keeping the difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures as small as possible.

The lower your temperature the more your AC will have to work hard and spend more energy. A good measure would be to make sure that the ventilation in your home is good so that the cooling is smoother. It will also improve the air quality, reduce moisture and allow for fresh air.

Another method is to open all the doors and windows in the evening so that there is some natural ventilation and all the hot air goes outside. Fans which run in the counterclockwise direction in the summer will draw cooler air from the floor. If you have an attic, use an exhaust fan to get rid of the hot air.

Property Manager MA: Maintenance

Regular maintenance will help cool down the home better.

  • Install plenty of insulation in the walls and ceilings so that it can keep hot air out and retain cool air. Use as many blinds as you can to stop sunlight from entering your home during the day. Plug all holes in your home so that there is no entry of hot air.
  • Change your filter so that there is higher air quality and so your unit can perform better. Clean your filter once a month so that it can work better and not waste energy.
  • A lot of people don’t clean the coils which can lead to a lot of pressure. The coils are on the outside of the unit and need to be cleaned regularly. Turn the unit off and use a soft nylon brush to remove any debris. Use a soft damp cloth to clean the inside coils.

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