Property Manager MA: Do’s and Don’ts of Gardening

Property Manager MA


Property Manager MA: Do’s and Don’ts of Gardening

Gardening is a hobby which allows you to relax and come up with new plants for your garden each year. However it is not essential for you to plan your garden every spring. As long as you take good care of the garden throughout the year, you don’t have to spend time planning the garden. These are the dos and don’ts of home gardening.

Prep the soil.

The soil needs to be prepared when you are starting your garden. It needs to be fertilized properly before you can plant any new shrubs and flowers. So measure out the area in the garden and estimate the fertilizer it will take to make the soil richer. You can also use some compost to help the process. Once you do that you can make a plan on what sorts of flowers and shrubs you can plant there. An alternative is to ask a gardening expert or check online to see what sorts of plants you can put there.

Know the soil’s pH balance.

Get a soil testing kit to know what sort of ph balance the soil has. Certain types of plants need a certain balance or they will die. An alternative is to get it professionally tested but then it tends to be quite expensive. You can also add minerals to make the soil richer.


Mulch is good as it is a great nutrient for your plants. Not only does it keep the moisture around but it also breaks down and adds to the soil nutrients.

Water a lot.

Water your plants on a regular basis so that they tend to stay moist. Don’t overwater them or they will die. Just make sure that the soil is completely saturated though.

Property Manager MA: Don’ts

 Put flowering bulbs in the wrong place.

Place the bulbs in the right place so that they get the sunlight or shade they need. If you plant them in the wrong place, then you know they will not survive.

Use herbicides.

Don’t use herbicides with seeds as they will not grow. Herbicides are always good for weed growth but are catastrophic for seeds. So if you have bushes or sprouts, it won’t make a difference. So if you want to get rid of the weeds, make sure that you wait till the seeds have grown.

Work the soil while it’s wet.

Don’t work on the soil when it is wet as it will ruin the whole structure.  Let the water settle and wait for the soil to get dry before you start working on it. It will make life a lot easier for you.

 Overwork soil.

Don’t overwork the soil because it will have a lot of difficulty breaking down. It is good for the soil to be in its current position as it helps the plants to grow.

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