Property Manager MA: Downsizing for Seniors

Property Manager MA


Property Manager MA: Downsizing for Seniors

It is tough for seniors to downsize when they reach that stage. They volunteer to make that change but it is sad to leave a home where they have a lot of memories. The unfortunate part is that the new home is too small for their possessions. This means that they don’t have room for it. Downsizing is an art and only the most skilled ones are able to do it.

These are the steps you can take to downsize your home easily.

1. Make a plan

Get one of those  laser measuring devices and measure the size of the place. This will help you understand how much space you need over there. Don’t overestimate as this can be a problem for you. That is when you need to decide what you need to take with you and what you need to dump. Don’t rush it as it can  be a bit daunting. So make your plan and do as much as you can everyday without exhausting yourself. So dump furniture you don’t need and take the ones you want to take along.

2. Property Manager MA: Sort your belongings

Don’t take things you know you will never use. If you haven’t used something, chances are you will never be using it again. So if you have multiple items, you should only keep one set of them and discard the rest. Divide them into a keep and throw pile where you donate the stuff from the throw pile to charity. You may even give some of your furniture to local theatre groups.

3. Preserve memories

You can always digitize your photos to save space and keep them in storage.  There is no need to take all of them with you when you can easily view those photos on a digital frame. It is a good idea to pass on treasured items to your children, grandchildren or friends.  If there are personal mementos keep them with you as you will be able to hold onto your memories.

So be pragmatic and learn to let go of certain things. There are certain items you will have to keep or throw away. It will be a tough decision but you will get through.  So enjoy your new place once you are through with everything. It will eventually allow you to settle down. Your new place will eventually give you the feeling of home.

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