Property Manager MA: Entertaining with Pets

Property Manager MA

Property Manager MA: Entertaining with Pets

It is not easy entertaining at a new home when you have pets. For starters it takes time for the pets to adjust to the new place and will not be so happy to have guests as it is an invasion of their space. Sometimes pets end up going through a lot of stress and anxiety because of the strangers who pile up at their place. Another issue is when doors and gates are left open, which can lead to pets sneaking out. So this also means stress for the home owner who has to worry about the pets slipping away. A good way to avoid this is to get your pets micro-chipped so that in the event they escape their address is on it. The best way to make your pets happy is to place them in a room which is away from the guests as this will put them at ease.

Private Space

Leave a lot of food, water and other toys so that they are distracted. If you have a cat, then it’s good to leave a litter box as well so they can do their business. Dogs are different as they need to do their business outside. So take them out and let them use their toilet before you put them back inside. Another good idea is to put a sign on the door or at least lock it so no one enters. When they have a lot of stuff to do inside, they won’t get so stressed. A good idea is to allow the atmosphere to be lively for them so they don’t have to worry about sounds from the party. If you have a few old rags, that would also help as they will be distracted.

Property Manager MA:Small Gathering

If you have a small gathering, then there is no need to isolate your pets. Just make sure that your guests do not feed your pets or that your pets don’t help themselves to food. There are certain food items which are toxic for cats and dogs, so ensure that they are not given to them. Some foods can also lead to choking for animals so keep them away.


A home owner tends to forget about pets once the clean-up process is occurring. They end up making it worse and you might have to do more to clean the place. So keep all hazardous items away and distract your pets with toys.

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