Property Manager MA: Essential Supplies for Home Movers


Property Manager MA: Essential Supplies for Home Movers

Moving can be a stressful time because of all the effort it requires. The best solution is to hire professional movers but if you can’t afford it then you must do this on your own. Fortunately there are ways to do it without making it uncomfortable for anyone.  This post takes a look at the supplies required for a DIY move.

1. Boxes

Don’t be stingy and invest in boxes which are built for moving. If you look around for free boxes, you will not get a good deal and you might end up wasting your time. Invest in some specialty and wardrobe boxes so that you can take artwork, mirrors and your hanging racks without any hassle.

2. Packing tape

Buy loads and loads of packing tape so that you will be able to secure all your boxes. Don’t ever buy the cheap type because it can come loose and you might have to buy more of it. The heavy duty tape is good as it sticks and will secure your packages. The best way to get a good deal is to buy in bulk.

3. Moving blankets

Get some of your old blankets and use them for your move. It is useful because you can use it to protect your furniture during the move. You can also place your boxes on top of it and it won’t leave any stains. Blankets are also good to protect the base of trunks or beds so that there are no stains or scratches. If you don’t have any blankets, do ask your family and friends.

4.  Property Manager MA: Plastic wrap

Get loads of plastic wrap so that you can wrap boxes together and hold the rest of your boxes. This way all your belongings will remain intact and it will make things easier for you.

5. Bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is also very good as it helps to protect delicate stuff. So if you have china or other breakable items, do a double layer so that it does not get damaged during the move.

6. Packing paper

Get some packing paper so that you can prevent items from shifting during the move. You can use as much paper as possible so that nothing rattles and there is no breakage.

7. Paper towels

Pack some paper towels during your move so that you can use them for cleanups. They can also be used in lieu of packing paper for sensitive items. Experts believe that paper towels between dishes can help prevent scuffs.

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