Property Manager MA: Go Bigger

Property Manager MA

Property Manager MA: Go Bigger

These days homeowners are facing a huge housing dilemma as they don’t know whether they should move to a bigger space  or renovate their current homes.

 Here are some tips for making an informed decision.

Double Check everything before making a decision 

It is cheaper to renovate your home rather than buy a bigger one. It may take some time but it is a lot better.  There may be a bit of disruption in your life but if you are adventurous you can pull through. Just remember that your life won’t be the same for a while. If you get easily stressed, then this is not the one for you.


The most important factor is to check and see if you have the finances available before you take the plunge.  If you have enough funds you should go for it. See if it is cheaper for you to renovate your home or to move to a new home. Run the numbers to see if you need to spend more in a new location. don’t move if it is cheaper to renovate your current place.

Property Manager MA: Examine your renovation demands 

Make a list of things you need in a larger home. Prioritize the ones you need and see if  you can renovate without any problems or if you would have to move to another neighborhood. The problem with renovating is that you might have to leave your home for a while and the expansion can let you stay there.

Research Zoning 

You need to be aware of zoning laws before you make any plans to renovate. It is important to check the city ordinances to see if you can are allowed to make any changes. If the place is not up to code then it can be an issue. So you have to check and double check before you make any planned changes.

Don’t Over-Improve the neighborhood 

Just because you want an extra large master bedroom or bathroom doesn’t mean your neighborhood will be happy. It may look out of place and could be a tough sell on the market. So check around and do your research before you decide to embark on this.

Stress during the move 

In the event you buy a new home, it means that you have to sell our current one and move to a new place. it also means that you have to deal with mortgage issues, loans etc.

Expect the expenses 

When you make a sale you need to pay the commission and transfer tax on the home. It also means that you need to pay a mortgage for your new home, a loan and title fees. It would be better to spend the money on a new bathroom.

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