Property Manager MA: Home Inspection Nightmares

Property Manager MA

Property Manager MA: Home Inspection Nightmares

It is important to look closely at a home before you buy it. It can be a problem for both the buyer and seller during the home inspection. The buyer will have to give up the home if it has too many problems, while the seller might have to spend thousands to get the home back on the market. Fortunately there are ways of handling this.


1. Foundation Issues

Foundation issues are quite serious as they can derail the sale.  There could be dampness issues or uneven gaps in the foundation. If you see a home with sloping floors and cracked concrete, then you know it badly needs repair. The foundation supports the whole home and if it is not taken care of then you won’t be able to find any buyers.

2. Faulty Electrical Wires

If you don’t replace your faulty electrical wiring, there can be a fire in your home. Basically it’s just like neglecting your home for a few thousand dollars and suffering a bigger loss in the event there is a fire. Home inspectors will notice it and charge you the amount. So you should just hire an electrician to take care of it and make sure there are no issues.

3. Water Problems

Check all your pipes in the basement because one leak can mean damage to your home. If there are water stains on the ceiling, it could lead to roof damage.  The cost for repairing a damaged ceiling can be in the thousands. So have the pipes fixed and tend to all problems.

4. Property Manager MA:  Mold and Rot

Black mold can be a problem if the home inspector finds it at your home. This can lead to health issues and can be fatal in some cases. The presence of mold means that there are larger problems at home, such as foundation cracks and plumbing issues.

If there is rotting around the frames and other areas, you will know that it is a bigger problem than anticipated. Tend to the problem before more problems arise.

5. Pests

Pests at home can lead to a big headache. Not only can this lead to termite damage but you also need to replace all the word they have eaten. This is followed by a professional fumigator to get rid of all potential problems. Keep an eye on other pests which can damage the house, though they are easier to get rid of.

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