Property Manager MA: How Home Inspection kills deals

Property Manager MA

Property Manager MA: How Home Inspection kills deals

The worst part about home inspections is that it can lead to issues for you if you are the home owner. It can be an issue if it leads to extra costs for the house. It can equally be bad for the buyer as he is the one who might have to drop the idea of buying or waiting for it. Home inspectors have it really bad as they need to deliver the bad news to the clients. This is why inspectors dread breaking the bad news to the clients.

Most home inspectors are quite experienced and this is why they make sure they don’t leave any stones unturned. There are three reasons why deals usually die.

1. The house is not actually what it looks like

Sometimes people want to buy houses which look beautiful but then the insides of the house are quite dreadful. They tend to be flipped houses where the flipper only works on making a good house which can be sold for profit. Usually it works out as such that the house ends up needing structural repairs and has other problems which end up remaining hidden. They also don’t get it inspected so they go unnoticed.

Sometimes the home has gone through a lot of work and yet the foundation may not be in the best condition. It can present a number of risks to the buyers and may not be suitable to live in. A thorough home inspection will always reveal these details.

2. Property Manager MA: More repairs than the buyer anticipated 

The worst part about old homes is that they require a lot of maintenance and updates. So if the home inspector finds out that the home owner has not worked on maintaining the roof, appliances, deck and furnace, then you know that you will end up having to do everything yourself. So you can use that to your advantage and get him to lower the price or you can walk out of the deal.

3. Fixer Houses Have Bad Bones

There are times when the buyer knows that the home needs fixing. It often needs work which won’t require rebuilding the home. The only problem is that they don’t anticipate problems which tend to be bigger than they anticipated. This means that the home could have structural problems and could lead to higher costs.

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