Property Manager MA: Home renovations in a day

Property Manager MA

Property Manager MA: Home renovations in a day

Home renovations are always best in the summer because there is plenty of sunshine and the days are longer. However it can be an issue if you can only spend time on it during the weekend. Fortunately there are home renovations which take less than a day and don’t cost much.


1. Change the doorknob

Start off with the front of the house by changing the doorknob and lock. Just make sure that it suits the style of the house as you can’t get something which won’t match.

2. Lights

Get some lights for your front yard so that you can illuminate it at night. If the lights aren’t that old, then you can always clean the ones you have. Not only do they help brighten up the area but you can also see where you are walking.

3. Paint the door

If you have the energy and the time, you can always put a coat of paint on your door. It won’t require a Herculean effort on your part.  A good idea would be to get something which complements the exterior of the house so that it sets the right tone.

4. Property Manager MA: House Numbers

Find some good house numbers and address plaques for your home. You can get the address plaque from any hardware shop or online while house numbers are available at all hardware numbers. Allow for it to be placed in such a way that they are visible and make your home look good.

5. Plant a garden

If you have a blank wall why not just plant a garden there? Not only will it beautify the wall but it will make it look green. You can always hang some planters and flowers there. Perhaps some herbs and daisies would do the job.

6. Upgrade  kitchen or bath fixtures

Change the fixtures by opting for a modern bathroom and kitchen. It helps if it coordinates properly with the rest of the room. A new look will make your home look a lot better.

7. Paint a piece of furniture

Add a coat of varnish to your furniture so that it looks new. If it doesn’t require polish, then you can always paint it. The best part is that it is an easy job and won’t take much time. In the event that it is messed up you can always try again.

8. Install a fan

Add a fan to your room so that it can look more elegant. There is no need to get an expensive one as you can always get something sleek and simple.

9. Change the cabinet hardware

Get rid of your cabinets and start anew. Go with a modern look and line them up with paper so that it is easier to clean them. Cabinets with big knobs are the ones you need.

10. Add light dimmers

Add a light dimmer as it will make your home look better and allow for the right mood and ambiance. There is no need to install it in every room as you can always add it in the dining room and bedroom.

We hope you liked our guide “Property Manager MA: Home renovations in a day”.

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