Property Manager MA: What your Insurance Covers

Property Manager MA

Property Manager MA: What your Insurance Covers

Home insurance is a wonderful thing as you get protected for the most basic stuff. So no need to worry about fire, wind and burglary as you will have protection against it. however there are areas which you will receive protection even though you may not be aware of it.

Here are some coverages you likely already have but might not be aware of.


Did you know that your home is protected against meteors? It is up to the limits of your dwelling coverage and is set to the amount it would require to build the home from the ground up. In the event that your home is uninhabitable because of the meteor, then you will be able to get other expenses covered while you are displaced.

Planes, Automobiles 

If a plane hits your home you would be able to get full coverage from your standard policy along with coverage for damage to your possessions and temp lodging. The same applies to a car which hits your house, though it would be up to your policy limits.


If there are any riots in town you will be protected from all damages. The only problem is that if there is an act of war, then you are not protected. This is because acts of war are too large in scale to be covered and you will have to pay for any damages. The likelihood of that is pretty rare so you don’t have to worry so much.

Property Manager MA: Floods and Earthquakes 

Most insurance policies do not cover damages by earthquakes and floods as you need a separate one for them. However there may be some companies which have comprehensive coverage. For some it is a pain to get separate insurance for floods and earthquakes but at least you will be safe. The good thing is that with comprehensive coverage, you may get a bit lucky. It helps you catch up to your policy limits. The only catch is that you need to pay a deductible before you are able to get any help from your policy.


This may seem strange but you will be covered if your home or vehicle is hit by a missile. It is strange that you are not covered for acts of war and terror but missiles are included. It still depends on your coverage limits and the fact that you have to pay a deductible for it.

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