Property Manager MA: Moving to a new place after Divorce

Property Manager MA

Property Manager MA: Moving to a new place after Divorce

It can be daunting going back to single life after years of being married. Divorce is never easy especially when it changes your living situation. This post takes a look at how one can get back on the property market after a divorce.

Location, Location, Location

Once you find the perfect location, you can find a real estate agent within that area who can help you find what you are looking for. A good idea would be to find a place as far away from your ex as this will make the transition easier.  It is not advisable if there are children involved as you would like to live close enough to them. It could also lead to legal problems if there is joint custody.

Another issue arising is that moving far away can isolate you from your support system of friends and loved ones. This also can lead to mental health problems when one least expects it.


Property Manager MA: Space

The biggest problem is trying to decide how big you want your new home. It can be a task shifting from a big house to a single-family home. This can take some time to adjust and may also trigger happier memories of good times. If you feel you can’t find a new home, try and live in a rental property till you find a full time home.

Maintenance can also be a factor here and you might have to pay special attention. You will also be responsible for cleaning the home and keeping everything in tip top order. In the event that you move to a home with a garden, you will have to do a lot there unless you can afford a gardener. Let’s not forget that you will also need to buy supplies which will help you with your home maintenance.

Financing your new home

When you get divorced, your finances take a huge hit. This means that you would have to cut down your expenses so that you can afford to live. If you have to make monthly support payments, it can hit you really hard. So try and stay within your budget and do not include support payments if you are benefiting from them. Federal law does not permit a borrower to list support payments. A silver lining is that support payments do not last forever and one will be able to do something to buy a home.

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