Property Manager MA: Open up your Room

Property Manager MA

Property Manager MA: Open up your Room

Bedroom space is a luxury these days even if you own your own place. So if you have a tiny bedroom it is not really the end of the world as you can always open up the space. The following are ideas on how you can make your bedroom look larger.


Colors make a big difference

You need light colors to make your room feel bigger. Using dark colors will only make you feel claustrophobic plus they won’t reflect any light. Light colors are good as they trick the eye into feeling that the room is much bigger. When you have light colors the natural light will be able to bounce off the walls.


Let there be light

If you allow light to come through the window, your room will be more inviting. The windows need to be unobstructed and allow for the natural light. This will give it the element of space and the room will feel much bigger.


Property Manager MA: Mirror Mirror

Mirrors on the wall will allow for the room to look much bigger. They just need to be placed strategically so the room looks fine. Once they reflect off each other, you will get the impression that the room is big but then it really is an optical illusion. Your walls will look stylish and your room will look more open.

Use Furniture to maximize space

The best way to maximize space is to use the right shelves and opening more space in your room. Plan everything right and use the space above intelligently. Don’t just fill the walls with shelves as there won’t be enough room to keep everything.

Store everything under the bed

Get a bed with place for storage containers underneath. This will allow you to store non-essential items. You can also opt for a bed which has ample space below where you can keep your clothes or other items. The only downside is that it can get dusty down there but at least you will have storage space.

Get a big headboard

If you get a huge headboard your room will look much bigger as the attention will be away from everything else in the room. So invest in some good artwork or a good headboard which will work well with your bed.

Worry not if you have a tiny room as intelligent planning will allow you to get the best of both worlds. You don’t have to go overboard to get everything right.

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