Property Manager MA: Organic Remedies for the lawn


Property Manager MA

Property Manager MA: Organic Remedies for the lawn

A lot of us love taking care of our lawns even if it means using nontoxic ingredients as pesticides. This keeps toxic chemicals away from our gardens and saves money. The only problem is that home remedies don’t really work all the time. It is better to use store bought lawn care products as they work better.

The following is a list of all the home remedies which are either a waste of time and money or worth every penny.

Boiling water

It is known to kill weeds but the reality is that it only kills the shallow weeds and not the deep roots of perennial weeds. The only way it is effective if you repeat this cycle for days. Not only is it tiring but you can also scald yourself and kill the grass and plants around the weed. It is more effective to get a weeder and dump it on the weeds. The number of trips you need to make to get the water is not worth it. Not a great part of being a Property Manager MA.


Vinegar is supposed to kill weeds but then if you use the kitchen variety, it won’t make a difference. The best way to kill them is to use one with at least 20% acetic acid. This will sap the weeds but can tend to ruin your plants if you are not careful. Also make sure that you spray it on the weeds as that is the best way to administer it.  White vinegar is cheap but will not make a difference to the lawn. If you get commercial vinegar (around $33 per gallon), you can get value for the money as long as you dilute it at 1:1.

Dish detergent

Dish detergent is a good insecticide as it can kill aphids, scales and whiteflies. You can use brands like Palmolive and Ivory to take care of soft-body insects. Make sure that you add one tablespoon of detergent with one quart of water. Then soak the plants with the spray so that the insects will die. Just don’t overdo it as it can kill the plants too.

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