Property Manager MA: Organize your Garage


Property Manager MA


Property Manager MA: Organize your Garage

There are times when your home is full of stuff you need to organize. There is often no space inside the house to store anything else and there is no other place for storage. The best way to do that is to utilize your garage.

If you do everything properly, you will be able to use your garage as a storage place. Not only do you save on storage space but everything is right next to your house.

The first step for you is to get rid of all items you no longer need. Just give them away to charity or throw it away for trash collection. This should be applied to both the contents of the house and the garage. It makes sense to put all similar items together. For example if you have garden tools, keep them in one area.

It is a good option to keep stuff in transparent plastic containers along with labels. This makes it easier to find items. There is no harm in using opaque containers as long as they are labeled and are stackable. The good thing about these containers is that they don’t allow your items to get dirty, save space and protect it from vermin.

Experts suggest that you should keep all items in a strategic manner. Those items which are for frequent use should be easily accessible. Items which don’t need to be accessed can be placed in the back.

 Property Manager MA: Storage Options

The best way to save space in your garage is to utilize the wall space. Build shelves or use nails to hang certain items. A good tool is a pegboard which comes with hooks, shelves, clamps and bins. This can be used to store just about anything and does not cost much.

If you do not fancy pegboards, you can always opt for open shelving. They are easy to use and you can place all sorts of heavy items on it. The only thing to remember is that you need strong wood panels so that it can withstand a huge load. The only problem is that all items are visible.

If you need to park your car in the garage, then you can opt for closed cabinets. This means that items remain secure and you don’t have to worry about bumping into any items. Not only are they versatile but they can also accommodate very large items. The only downside is that they are more expensive than other solutions.


Safety Steps

An important point to remember is the safety factor. Do not keep flammable items in your garage. It is also a bad idea to keep combustible items such as gasoline and propane as any friction or a spark can ignite. Also make sure that you lock items such as fertilizer and pesticides. This can be dangerous if children and pets are around.

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