Property Manager MA: Preparing your home for Summer

Property Manager MA

Property Manager MA: Preparing your home for Summer

Summer is the most wonderful time of the year. However it comes with it’s own share of risks. This guide takes a look at how you can prepare your home for summer.


The summer can be a tough time especially if temperatures are rising. You need to eliminate the risk of heatstroke and other issues. Powering up the air conditioning unit can be expensive so you should just keep your home cool and comfortable the simple way. Open your windows so that the breeze comes in. Make sure that there is a screen so that mosquitoes don’t get inside. Allow for plenty of shade so that the interiors don’t get warm. Ventilate the house well and use ceiling fans if they can help cool it. Change the filters in your Air conditioner so that it won’t have any impact on the air flow. Don’t leave the air conditioning on when you aren’t around.

If you have pollen allergies, then you should use an air purifier so that there are no problems. Don’t use both the air conditioner and the purifier at the same time though.

Property Manager MA: Exterior

Check to see if the windows outside are in the clear. The screen needs to be in perfect order so no mosquitoes make their way inside. You can also install awnings so the windows get some shade during the day. If you have a garden, you can always plant a big shady tree to protect your home. Just ensure that you haven’t planted shrubs too close to your walls as this can lead to a pest infestation. Basically don’t let anything grow near your window as this can lead to further problems down the line. Get rid of any standing water near your home as this will attract mosquitos. If you have an infestation, you can always use a herbal product to get rid of them.


You need to keep your home safe for your children. This means you need to cover all electrical outlets, hide all toxic items and remove long cords. If you have a pool, you need to cover it or at least install a fence so they don’t fall in.Keep plenty of supplies which will allow your children to hydrate on a warm day.


If you have seniors living with you, ensure they are comfortable. Keep the air circulation going well and cool the temperature in their room. Don’t let them be in the sun for a long time, nor should you leave anything out there which would make them trip.

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