Property Manager MA: Prevent Thanksgiving Fires

Property Manager MA

Property Manager MA: Prevent Thanksgiving Fires

Thanksgiving is the time to be grateful for all our blessings. This is also the time people stuff themselves with Turkey and pie. The holiday is mostly spent in the kitchen though it can lead to fires. This may also lead to injuries, property loss or deaths. This guide takes a look on how to prevent this.


A lot of fires occur at home during the Thanksgiving Day holiday. There seem to be three times more fires than the rest of the year.  A lot of these fires occur because of cooking and unattended food in the oven.

As noted in the previous paragraph, most of the fires occur due to unattended Turkeys in the oven. It is a bad idea to visit others while leaving food in the oven. So focus on your cooking before you make any plans to go out. Also make sure that you focus on one meal at a time so you can give it your undivided attention.

A good idea would be to have a potluck Thanksgiving dinner if you are having many guests over. This way you won’t have to cook everything yourself. Plus make sure your guests are with you in the kitchen if you need to talk to them. It is not a good idea to leave your Turkey unattended.

Property Manager MA: Fire Hazards and Loose Clothing

It is always a bad idea to wear loose clothing while cooking food. This makes it a bigger risk for you to catch fire and get injured. Any loose clothing can catch on fire faster than other clothing. Don’t put out a fire with water or move a pot which is on fire. Keep yourself fully focused while cooking so that there is less of a chance of a fire.  Also ensure that there are no fire hazards near the stove. Flammable items such as potholders, towels, flowers or any flammable liquids need to be kept far away in the event that there is a fire. It can spread faster if they are around there.  Keep your pets out of the kitchen as they can also make it a problem for you. They can move pots/pans around and accidentally get the flammable towels to go into flames.

Deep-Fry the Turkey at your own risk

Frying a Turkey can be the biggest risk for home fires. So keep the fryer 10 feet away from your home and make sure it is on even ground. Anything on uneven ground will make it more prone to fire. The first step you need to take is to thaw the turkey out properly and dry it out before you can fry it. Keep a fire extinguisher handy with you so you can put out any potential fires.

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