Property Manager MA: Protect your house while it’s on the market

Property Manager MA

Property Manager MA: Protect your house while it’s on the market

It is important to know how to protect your home while it is on the market as the repercussions are too huge to ignore. It is an unfortunate fact that houses for sale can fall victim to theft, liability lawsuits etc. fortunately it is easy to protect your home while it is on the market.

Inform the neighbors

It is a good idea to keep neighbors in the loop as they will help you during your time of need. In the event that you are not returning home directly after showing your house to prospective buyers, ask your neighbors to take a look around and see if your doors are bolted after the showing. This will help you secure your house from intruders.

Hide the valuables

It’s a bad idea to keep high priced valuables at home especially when the house is on the market. Experts recommend keeping items in a safety deposit box at the bank.  Keep all your personal mail, bills, checkbooks, prescriptions and other personal items away from plain sight.

Prevent accidents at home

A good Property Manager MA would recommend checking your property for any potential problems  before you open your doors. If someone ends up getting hurt on your property, you will have to pay a hefty settlement fee. There are more chances of potential buyers getting hurt at your property because they don’t know your house as well as you do.  So make sure that you check everything in your property before you let anyone in.  for example you need to make sure that your hallways and staircase are clear of clutter, the flooring should not be slippery and there should be no loose floor boards. Also make sure that your home is well lit and that there are no hazards in your lawn or driveway.

Avoid accidental property damage

Sometimes buyers tend to go through all the appliances to check for functionality. This is not an issue but can turn into one if an appliance has not been turned off. For example, someone could leave the faucet open which could result in water damage or someone could leave the gas burner on which could lead to a fire. So make sure that there is a selling agent around, who is aware and double checks everything before leaving the premises.

Gun safety

If you have a gun at home, make sure you lock it up in a gun box or a hidden place where it is unlikely to come into the wrong hands. Also make sure that the gun is not loaded and is away from the eyes of others. This will prevent accidental injuries and theft.

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