Property Manager MA: Protect your Vacation home on Halloween

Property Manager MA

Property Manager MA: Protect your Vacation home on Halloween 

Halloween can be a spooky time of the year where adults and children have fun. However this is also a time where crime goes up because of the holiday. Homes tend to be damaged because of vandalism and theft. It is easier to protect your homes on Halloween though it can be an issue if you have a second home in some other city.

This is why it is essential to increase the security of your second home/vacation home. There are plenty of solutions available. It all depends on how you want to go for it.

1. Secure Your Car in the Garage

Lock your car up in the garage so that vandals won’t key your car or take something important from it. If the car is left outside it can be vandalized or be stolen. In the event you don’t have a garage, you can always move it to secure location such as a parking garage or a neighbor’s place.

2. Clean Up Your Landscaping

Prune all shrubs, hedges and trees so that they provide less of a place for potential burglars to hide. So make sure that you do a stellar job so that your entryway is visible. Also try and make it more difficult for intruders to get through windows by planting thorny bushes outside them.

3. Increase Your Outdoor Lighting

Invest in a good outdoor lighting system which will help deter burglars. This should be based either on a light timer system or motion sensitive lights. So anytime someone comes near the door you will be aware and this will make it easier for you to stop burglars.

4. Property Manager MA: Talk to Your Neighbors

If you are on good terms with your neighbors do ask them if they will be home on Halloween. It would help if you give them your contact details and ask them to keep an eye on your property. In the event something happens, they can get in touch with you.

5. Double Check Door and Window Locks

Have all your doors, windows and locks checked so that they are not easy to break into. Replace any unreliable ones so that your home stays secure. Investing in new doors, locks and windows is always better than getting your home burgled.

6. Add Home Automation Features

Thanks to improvement in technology, home automation systems have made lives easier. One can easily control everything through a smartphone and computer. So invest in a smart door lock, automated lighting and smart thermostat. So you can use that to control everything in the evening so that it can deter burglars. It will cost you a bit but is still worth every penny.

7. Install a Home Security System

If you are unable to afford an automated system, you can always invest in a home security system. They range from the expensive ones to the affordable ones. So don’t leave your home unequipped.

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